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“Are you a job seeker over 50 and currently unemployed? In the ever-evolving landscape of the UK job market, 2023 presents unique opportunities and challenges for individuals over 50. As a seasoned work coach, careers adviser, and RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) practitioner with over 32 years of experience, I understand this demographic’s needs and concerns. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the critical aspects of job searching in the UK in 2023 for individuals over 50, emphasising the transformative power of mindset and the supportive role of RTT therapy.

The Evolving Job Market for the 50+ Age Group

The UK job market has witnessed significant changes, and the year 2023 continues to redefine the workforce. As individuals over 50 re-enter the job market or seek new opportunities, it’s crucial to understand the evolving trends and tailor strategies to their unique strengths and experience.

If you are out of work and claiming benefits, or you have been mulling over ideas to start your own business

You can call your local Jobcentre at

Other useful sites include and

Careers Advice Stockport
Looking for Work over 50

Fostering a Growth Mindset, Especially After 50:

Unemployment over 50 becomes even more essential as we find ourselves out of work later in life. It’s about believing in one’s capacity to learn, adapt, and thrive in new environments. With RTT therapy, which can address limiting beliefs and boost confidence, individuals over 50 can build the resilience to embrace change and seek fulfilling roles.

You can find further information on mindset on my Blog here: With my help and support, significant change is possible.

Showcasing Skills and Experience Online:

In the digital age, having a solid online presence is crucial, regardless of age. For individuals over 50, whether unemployed or not, this means highlighting their vast experience, wisdom, and dedication to personal and professional growth. Collaborate with RTT therapy to address any self-doubt or hesitation during the process, empowering them to create compelling online profiles that stand out to an employer.

If you are nervous about using IT? Libraries and local colleges have free training. With hundreds of hours of free resources on CV writing, covering letters, and job interviews. The Careervidz channel on YouTube will arm you with new skills.

Networking for Success:

You are influential, and networking remains a powerful tool, especially for those looking for professional roles. The digital landscape offers numerous avenues for connecting with potential employers, industry peers, and mentors. Once again, check with your local council or Jobcentre. Jobs Fairs are a crucial way to network, and further information is available here:

Recognising the Gig Economy’s Potential:

“Now, let’s explore the Gig Economy, another term for Temporary Work or Self-employment. This could be a few hours a week per month working for a Recruitment Agency, or you may wish to buy and sell items on eBay.”

Suppose you have already had a light bulb moment after years of working for an employer. Imagine running your own company and making your own decisions.

Don’t listen to Your inner voice:

You will be full of confidence on the day I can help by understanding the “Rules of the Mind”

After 15 minutes of listening to my voice with positive affirmations, you can ace the job and strive forward. Together, we turn I can’t to I can. I will send it via email or WhatsApp.


As a dedicated work coach, careers adviser, and hypnotherapist and having helped thousands of unemployed over 50, I can guide you through the dynamic UK job market of 2023. By fostering a growth mindset, leveraging online presence, networking strategically, embracing resilience, and staying current, you will be empowered to pursue meaningful opportunities confidently while benefiting from RTT therapy’s transformative support. The journey is enjoyable, and anything is possible with my support and dedication.

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