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Here’s a selection of reviews from my previous clients. If you’re ready to discuss how I can help you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Here’s what some of my recent clients have had to say.

Hi, I have suffered from anxiety and depression for many years, I also have a fear of failing.

I have recently had to take sick leave from work, I have every kind of counselling you can think of which didn’t help.

Then in desperation I decided I would try Hypnotherapy. I trawled the internet and came across a Clinical Hypnotherapist I found interesting, I contacted Stephen and made arrangements for my first Hypnotherapy session.

When I arrived at Stephen’s home, Stephen was very welcoming. We sat and chatted which enabled Stephen to get to know a little about me and what I wanted from the session before starting the hypnosis.

When I was brought out of my hypnotic state I felt so relaxed but tired, Stephen advised this is normal and when on my way home I could start crying for no reason or feel very tired.

That night when I returned home and went to bed I actually fell asleep without the use of my Youtube meditation/hypnosis which I have listened to for years to enable me to go to sleep.

I can really recommend Stephen’s services, I can’t tell you the difference he has made to my life, I am looking forward to a second session.


Firstly I would like to thank Stephen for his tremendous support and effort in the procedure of supporting me with his therapy sessions!!

I was experiencing health issues due which restricted my movements and had put my health at risk. Stephen carefully worked closely with myself, by untangling my thoughts and perceptions of what I thought may have been just nothing. However, by the technique and step by step procedures he helped me to let go and be able to move on with a new frame of mind!

Thanks to Stephen I managed to overcome my obstacles and overcome my challenges. Now I am a healthy and fit individual who only wishes that I had done this years prior to now!

Stephen you are an blessing and thank you so much for everything 🙏


Approached Stephen after google search for RTT trained hypnotherapist In Manchester area.

Following the intial prompt response to my query Stephen helped me to get to address the root cause of my anxiety and stress.

Found the Stephen voice recordings a useful tool so that I can listen to it mostly every night before bedtime for 3 weeks which positively reinforces my ability to calm down and improved the sleep quality.

Stephen has RTT techniques to explore deep unconscious, access them to help myself to overcome the negative loop of thoughts and emotions.

This helps the letting go process.

Muthu / Manchester

I found it so easy to go into Hypnosis and Stephen talked me through the whole process. He took me back to Scenes that help me to understand why I had felt this way my whole life and listening to the recording has been a blessing

Moya / Stockport

I went to my first session feeling very nervous also thinking I couldn’t be hypnotised. Stephen was very welcoming and instantly made me feel at ease. He explained the process then we began. Before i knew it i was in a calm, relaxed, sleep like state but still aware of what was happening. We uncovered a few things about myself and I’m intrigued to find out more.

I am looking forward to my next session

Danielle / Cheshire

I was a little apprehensive of alternative therapies such as hypnotherapy. However, Stephen eased me into treatment and was very calm and professional. I have gained other issues that I hadn’t addressed, which Stephen has brought out, and I feel more confident to seek further support.

Gemma / Manchester

I had a taster session with Stephen to help me get some clarity and focus on the direction I want to go in with my life. I was feeling stuck in a rut in a stressful job, with stressful home life and anxiety, I found it difficult to calm my brain, and it was a jumble of ideas enough to think about what steps to take. Stephen immediately put me at ease, he was very professional and I was put into a state of relaxation that I hadn’t felt before. In this state Stephen was able to help me identify my true preferences, the things I would like to pursue in my heart. I came away from that session with a much clearer idea of my future path as well as a lovely feeling of well-being. This was after just a taster session! I would definitely recommend Stephen’s services and wouldn’t hesitate to go back

Siobhan / Cheshire

It was a great experience and I can’t thank Stephen highly enough!

I really dint expect Hypnotherapy to work on zoom but I was wrong and Stephen explained techniques that helped quickly to relax me. I have unhappy in my current role for such a long time but after just 2 sessions, I feel able to make positive changes and with Stephen’s coaching experience, find a job i love.

Kevin / London

I sought help regarding a few personal problems I had and needed to deal with. Stephen prepared me for the hypnotherapy, we made an assessment, he explained everything to me, and during the whole process of hypnosis, he guided me and helped me look into the problems of the past. I felt relief at the end of the session, feeling refreshed and like a brand new person. Highly recommend him if you need to deal with issues nobody can help and if it is your first time having hypnotherapy. He is very professional and friendly and ensures you are okay with the whole process.

Stef / Stockport