Hypnotherapy for Fears & Phobias in Stockport & Manchester

If you need help with a fear or phobia and you are considering hypnotherapy, you’ve come to the right place. Based in Stockport, I offer Rapid Transformational Therapy (a type of hypnotherapy) that can help.

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Fears & Phobias

How can hypnosis treat Fears & Phobias?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for helping people with fears and phobias. It works by helping an individual to become more relaxed and focused, allowing them to access the subconscious mind. Through various hypnotic techniques, individuals can learn to identify, process, and challenge the underlying causes of their fears and phobias.

With my help, you can begin to break through the fear and develop strategies for better dealing with the fear and phobias that trouble them. Hypnotherapy can help reduce the intensity of fears and phobias and create a space for the individual to develop new and healthier ways to manage these issues.

My therapy sessions can be delivered online or in person, and just 1 to 3 is enough to give you permanent change.

I can help you overcome your fears and phobias using powerful hypnotic techniques that access and reprogram your subconscious mind, ultimately enabling you to lead a more fulfilling life free from the constraints of fear.

By sending you a personally written 21-day recording after your session, I’m empowering you to reinforce positive changes and maintain momentum toward a life free from fear, so you can confidently step into your greatness and achieve your fullest potential.

RTT Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy Stockport

Who is Stephen Stanton?

I'm a clinical hypnotherapist and workplace wellbeing specialist. I specialise in RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy). Based in Stockport, I offer my services all around the Greater Manchester area.

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Here’s a short video I’ve created to explain how hypnosis can help with your anxiety. Hypnotherapy is a very effective treatment for fears and phobias.

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“You gain strength, confidence, and courage when you look fear in the face. I can show you that nothing is to be feared, just understood.”

Fears & Phobias: Frequently Asked Questions

No, fears and phobias are not the same things. Fear is a normal emotional response to a perceived threat or danger, such as being scared of the dark. A phobia is an irrational fear of something that may not be harmful, such as a fear of spiders. Fears can be managed and overcome with time and effort, whereas phobias require professional help.

People can become phobic of something for a variety of reasons. It could be due to a traumatic experience you had in the past, or it could be due to a fear of the unknown. It could also be due to a lack of exposure to what you are afraid of or learned behaviour from a family member or friend.

Regardless, phobias can be debilitating and prevent people from leading an everyday life. If you or someone you know is struggling with a phobia, it is essential to speak to your GP initially.

Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses hypnosis, a type of altered state of consciousness, to help people overcome their fears and achieve their goals. Hypnosis enables individuals to become more open to suggestions, allowing them to access and use their internal resources to create positive change in their lives.

During hypnotherapy, I guide you to relax and focus on the fear or goal. The therapist then uses a variety of strategies to help the individual explore their fear and reach their goal. These strategies may include visualizations, affirmations, relaxation techniques, and more.

With my help, you can identify and address your fear or goal in a safe and supportive environment. Through this process, you can gain insight into their fear or goal, change their thought patterns, and create lasting change in their life.

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