Rules of the Mind: Mindset change is possible


Your Mindset can change and in the blog, I will teach you how the Rules of the Mind can help you to realise change is possible. If you want to take control of your thoughts and break free from harmful and hurtful loops, it’s crucial to understand the Rules of the Mind. Having worked as an Adviser/Work Coach for over 30 years, I’ve encountered tens of thousands of individuals struggling to bring about change in their lives. Whether dealing with adults or children, the principles remain the same. Unfortunately, the rules of the mind are often overlooked, hindering our ability to help people make faster progress.

The Main Principles:

  • The mind follows what it believes is in your best interest and acts accordingly.
  • The mind responds to the images you create in your head and the words you speak to yourself.
  • Familiarity is favored, and the mind resists the unfamiliar.
  • Every thought triggers a physical reaction.
  • Expectations tend to become a reality.
  • Imagination wields more power than knowledge when dealing with minds, and emotions are mightier than logic.
  • Suggestions, when acted upon, weaken resistance to subsequent suggestions.
  • Emotionally induced symptoms can cause organic changes if consistently maintained (placebo effect).
  • Once the subconscious accepts an idea, it remains until replaced by a new one.
  • The mind cannot hold conflicting beliefs.
  • You are shaped by what you experience and believe.

How These Rules Keep Us Stuck:

One particular principle, “the mind loves what is familiar and rejects what is unfamiliar,” can hold us back from learning new skills or embracing change. As children, we felt safe and warm when our parents woke us up in the morning. However, as adults, we may resist taking on new tasks, training, or adapting to technological advancements due to fear of the unknown.

The mind-body connection is potent. Consider how a joyous Friday afternoon can become a stressful Sunday evening, leading to physical symptoms like headaches and stomach knots. These looping thoughts can even perpetuate self-limiting beliefs, such as attributing health issues to “just the way life is.”

Unlocking Your Full Potential:

With the help of principles from Hypnotherapy/RTT Therapy, it’s possible to interrupt and change hurtful beliefs, allowing lasting transformation. Imagine if these empowering principles were taught between ages 7 to 16 during our formative years. The impact could be immense, shaping us into more confident, capable individuals leading fulfilling lives.

Empowering the Youth:

Recognizing the significance of early life experiences, schools in the UK and America have embraced programs like “I CAN’T TO I CAN.” These initiatives aim to build confidence and self-esteem in young people, imparting essential life skills such as social interaction, communication, and resilience.


Understanding and harnessing the Rules of the Mind can truly unlock our full potential, allowing us to break free from self-imposed limitations and negative thought patterns. If you resonate with the ideas presented in this blog and have further questions, feel free to get in touch.


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