Workplace Well-Being in Stockport, Cheshire & Manchester

I specialise in helping small and medium-sized employers in the Stockport, Cheshire, and Manchester areas to improve the health and well-being of their employees. My range of services is designed to tackle the issues that can impact employee well-being, such as stress, anxiety, and absenteeism.

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Workplace Well-Being

How can I help?

My Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and Hypnotherapy services are effective in treating various issues, from anxiety and depression to phobias and addictions. I can work with employees on a one-to-one basis or provide group sessions to help them learn to manage their stress and improve their mental health.

I also offer workshops on various topics, including breathing techniques, mindfulness, stress at work, EFT Tapping, and healthy eating. These workshops are interactive and practical; designed to help employees learn new skills and techniques they can apply daily. I can tailor the workshops to your needs and deliver them on-site or remotely.

In addition to my services and workshops, I provide ongoing support to help you maintain a healthy and positive work environment. This includes regular check-ins to see how your employees are doing, and identify any other areas where I can offer additional support.

“Your wellness is the motivation to start your day. Reach out and let’s work together and make change possible.”

Why invest in workplace well-being?

Investing in your employees’ well-being is the right thing to do and is suitable for your business. Creating a happier, healthier workplace can improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, and boost employee morale. I am committed to helping you achieve these goals, and my services and workshops can make a positive difference.

If you’d like to learn more about my Workplace Well-being services, please contact me today to schedule a consultation.

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Workplace Well-Being Advice

Harvesting well-being in the workplace is a crucial way to create a positive and productive environment. Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Encourage open communication among employees and foster an atmosphere of support and respect.

  • Create opportunities for employees to socialize and build relationships with one another. This can be done through team-building activities, lunchtime gatherings, or simply providing a comfortable space for employees to take a break and chat.

  • Offer flexible working arrangements such as telecommuting, flexible hours, and job sharing or job re-design to allow for better work-life balance.

  • Provide adequate resources and training for employees to do their jobs effectively.

  • Encourage employees to participate in physical activities such as walking meetings, yoga, or team sports.

  • Recognise employees for their achievements and promote a culture of appreciation.

  • Allow employees to take breaks throughout the day and ensure that lunch breaks are respected.

Following these tips can create a workplace that encourages well-being and boosts morale.

  1. Reduced productivity: Anxiety and stress can cause difficulty concentrating, fatigue, and procrastination, leading to decreased productivity and increased errors.

  2. Increased absenteeism: Anxiety and stress can cause physical and psychological symptoms that make it challenging to come to work, leading to increased absenteeism.

  3. Decreased job satisfaction: Anxiety and stress can cause dissatisfaction with one’s job and negatively impact an individual’s work-life balance.

  4. Decreased engagement: Stress and anxiety can make it difficult for an individual to be fully engaged and motivated in their work, leading to a lack of enthusiasm and commitment.

  5. Increased risk of burnout: Chronic stress and anxiety can lead to burnout, characterised by physical and emotional exhaustion, cynicism, and a reduced sense of personal accomplishment.

  6. Interpersonal conflicts: Anxiety and stress can also affect how people interact with others, leading to conflicts with colleagues, supervisors, or clients.

  7. Increased risk of mental health issues: Chronic stress and anxiety can increase the risk of developing mental health issues such as depression and anxiety disorders.

It is important to note that some stress can benefit people at work. Sometimes, it can motivate them to finish their tasks and do their best. However, excessive stress and anxiety can affect an individual’s work performance and overall well-being. Employers should provide resources and support to help employees manage stress and anxiety in the workplace.

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