Sleep & Insomnia Hypnotherapy in Stockport & Manchester

Do you find yourself unable to get to sleep at night? Do you often wake up at 3am and cannot get back to sleep? With RTT Therapy, you will improve sleep, go back to sleep quickly, and wake up at your usual time, looking forward to a new day.

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Sleep & Insomnia

How can hypnosis help me sleep?

Think about your relationship with sleep; you need to stop calling it “my sleep problem” or “my insomnia”. It is not yours, and with my expertise, you are going to let go of old, outdated ideas that you have about yourself and take back control.

Before your first session, we discuss your life, childhood, and relationships with your family and friends. This helps me understand the symptom, as everyone I have helped might come in for sleep, but the issue is always something else, including anxiety and stress, confidence, and depression. Your sleep has normalised by treating the root cause and instilling new beliefs.

You may have been on sleep medication for many years, so many people take sleeping tablets. Hypnotherapy for sleep issues is natural and safe, and it’s important to remember that you are in control.

My sleep therapy sessions can be delivered online or in person, and just 1 to 3 is enough to give you permanent change.

I will help you access and reprogram your subconscious mind, allowing you to experience deep, restful sleep every night, and I would love to help you achieve this transformation through a session with me.

Aftercare is of utmost importance, and with my hypnotherapy sessions, I provide you with a wealth of resources, including techniques for self-hypnosis, a personally crafted 21-day recording to reinforce positive change, and information on EFT tapping and self-hypnosis to ensure long-lasting progress.

RTT Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy Stockport

Who is Stephen Stanton?

I'm a clinical hypnotherapist and workplace wellbeing specialist. I specialise in RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy). Based in Stockport, I offer my services all around the Greater Manchester area.

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Sleep Hypnotherapy

On our journey through life and all of the beautiful and often heartbreaking things that the universe seems to throw at us, good quality sleep is one of the most important things for humans. Our relationship with rest can be affected as we reach puberty. Boys, girls, nights out with friends, pubs, nightclubs, student life, and everything else we go through as we get adulthood aged 16-21.

So you leave school and feel fearless, and missing the odd night’s sleep doesn’t seem to matter, your young, and it’s okay. It’s often a badge of honor to brag about how little sleep you have and that you don’t need sleep.

You may be a morning person or a night owl, and it can be tough to change this.

Chronotype is the inclination of your body to go to sleep early or prefer staying up late, watching late-night movies. In addition to regulating the sleep/wake cycle, this can also affect your appetite in the morning.

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Watch the Video

Here’s a short video I’ve created to explain how hypnosis can help with insomnia. Hypnotherapy is a very effective treatment for issues around sleep.

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“You want to stop feeling stuck and are ready to rid yourself of what has been holding you back.”

Sleep & Insomnia: More Info

Let’s think about all the habits that may have caused your relationship with sleep. This could be your relationship with food or alcohol. If you have a stressful job, think about how many times per week you drink. This is not to sound judgemental, but it’s essential to realise that alcohol disrupts the sleep cycle. So while getting to sleep shouldn’t be an issue. You probably wake feeling tired or wake up at 3-5 am and are unable to get back to sleep.

Like alcohol, eating a carb-rich meal or other foods, including high-sugar or high-fat meals, can impact your sleep/wake cycle. A caveat is that you may have family members who can eat and drink anything but have never lost a night’s rest.

New scientific research suggests that insomnia can be inherited from our parents. With this in mind, let’s talk about online help and information I can impart as someone who has lived with sleep/insomnia issues for 30-plus years.

Think about your overall mental health and associated Anxiety and Stress. If you are having a problem getting to sleep, the simple things can include warm milk, but if you have had lots of sugary foods/chocolate, consider adding ground cinnamon. It is proven to help lower your blood sugars, thus allowing you to stay asleep and stopping the early waking at 3-5 am.

Other techniques include breathing techniques and mindfulness.

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