Mindfulness – Life Can Change

Mindfulness means paying attention to the here and now, and with practice, you can change the composition of the brain and help with feelings of associated anxiety and stress.

Mindfulness can help with many aspects of your life, including your relationship with yourself, your family, and your work colleagues. With my experience delivering Mindfulness classes during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. I was able to bring about significant change. I have won awards in the workplace, and with my knowledge and experience, I can teach you how to bring about meaningful change in your life.

How does Mindfulness help?

Firstly it’s important to consider how technology over the last 25 years has shaped our lives. In a world where we can find out anything using our phones or intelligent speakers (Alexa/Google).

Think about your relationship with computers, mobile phones and how you interact with the world. The sheer amount of information that we take in every day is astounding.

Mindfulness can help people better understand their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It can help a person become more aware of the present moment and how their thoughts, feelings, and emotions can affect their overall well-being.

Through mindfulness, a person can become more aware of the impact of stress, both physically and mentally, and how to better manage it. Mindfulness can also help people become more aware of their thoughts and more mindful of their choices and how they react to situations.

Imagine a world where your relationships are improved, and you are not feeling stressed with the family or work. With my help and aftercare coaching and mentoring program, you can live a Mindful Life.

Finally, mindfulness can help people become more aware of how their thoughts, feelings, and emotions can affect their relationships with others.

Mindfulness in the workplace

Mindfulness in the workplace can significantly improve staff mental health, improving outcomes and targets. I am an award-winning Well-being champion and am passionate about staff morale. Whether this is on a 121 basis by observing your thoughts or in a group situation, I can help to change your life or improve your workplace well-being.
Workplace Mindfulness is being present, aware, and focused on the task at hand in a work setting. It involves being aware of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that arise while working and learning to manage them in a way that leads to improved productivity, creativity, and collaboration. It is based on the idea that by paying attention to the present moment, we can reduce stress, increase focus, and better navigate difficult workplace situations. Mindfulness is a powerful tool for increasing individual and team well-being.

How to practice Mindfulness at home

Practicing Mindfulness at home is a great way to reduce stress, foster self-awareness, and cultivate a sense of inner peace. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Start with a few mindful breaths. Take a few deep breaths and focus on the sensations in your body. Notice the rise and fall of your chest as you inhale and exhale.
  • Create a mindfulness space. Choose a spot in your home that is comfortable and tranquil. It could be your bedroom, living room, or even a corner of the kitchen. Place objects that remind you of tranquillity, such as a scented candle, crystals, or a diffuser with your favourite essential oil.
  • Set a timer. Schedule a few minutes a day to practice Mindfulness. Use the timer to keep yourself on track and remind you when it’s time to stop.
  • Practice mindful eating. Take the time to appreciate your food. Notice the colours, shapes, and smells of the food before you. Chew slowly and savour each bite.
  • Observe your thoughts. Notice any thoughts or emotions that arise without judgment. Acknowledge them, then let them pass.
  • Connect with nature. Step outside and observe the beauty of nature. Notice the colors, smells, and sounds of your environment.

I hope these tips help you get started on your mindfulness journey!

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