“Transform Your Work-Related Stress into Strength”

  • “Discover How Rapid Transformational Therapy Can Empower You to Overcome Stress and Thrive in Your Career.”
  • “Effective Strategies and Support for Civil Servants Nationwide, Local Authority and NHS Staff using Hypnotherapy
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Begin Your Journey to Stress Relief: How I Can Help

I understand because I’ve been there. With over three decades at the DWP, I’ve felt the weight of civil service stress. My journey through these challenges has given me a unique insight into our stressors and a deep desire to help others find relief.

You’re not walking this path alone. My journey from stress to serenity has prepared me to be your guide, offering empathy and practical, experienced-based support. As your coach and mentor, I’m here to help you navigate toward well-being.

There is a path to lasting relief. Using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), I provide solutions that get to the heart of stress and offer deep, lasting change. Together, we’ll tailor a journey that transforms work-related stress into a foundation for triumph.

RTT Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy Stockport

Who is Stephen Stanton?

I'm a clinical hypnotherapist and workplace wellbeing specialist. I specialise in RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy). Based in Stockport, I offer my services all around the Greater Manchester area.

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Discover how Rapid Transformational Therapy specifically helps civil servants, local authority, and NHS staff manage and overcome professional stress.

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“Embrace the journey from stress to strength — every step forward is a step towards a thriving professional life.”

Common Questions Answered: Learn More About Our Stress Management Services

Answer: “In your first session, we’ll create a welcoming space to discuss your stress-related challenges—something I’ve navigated through my 33 years at the DWP. We’ll use this understanding to tailor a therapy plan that directly addresses your concerns, providing immediate, actionable strategies to start managing your stress.”.

Answer: “Results can vary, but many clients feel relief after just a few sessions. Drawing from my experiences with workplace stress, I design our sessions to provide effective tools from the start, helping you progressively regain control with each visit.”

Answer “Our services stand out because of a deeply personal approach informed by my 33 years with the DWP, where I experienced and understood the nuances of workplace stress firsthand. This unique perspective enriches the therapy strategies we employ, ensuring they are deeply empathetic and effective.”

Answer: “Absolutely. Knowing the demanding nature of professional life from my own career, we offer flexible scheduling, including virtual sessions. This ensures that you can access our support whenever and wherever you need it, without adding to your stress.” 

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