Coaching & Mentoring in Stockport, Cheshire and Manchester

So you have had your first session, and you feel in control of life again, but an event happens, and you realise the old way of thinking is creeping back in. We can agree on an action plan and factor in coaching or mentoring sessions to keep you on track and in control.

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How can I help?

Coaching is giving you the tools to make the change, and Mentoring is tapping into my 31 years of experience to keep you thriving.

Along with helping you to change the outdated hurtful, and negative beliefs that you have held onto, I can give you tools to ensure that they never resurface. My 21-day personalised recording helps to code in a new belief system.

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Other Ways I Can Help

My mentoring service can significantly impact your life by providing an experienced perspective and guidance in your journey. I can offer advice on how to reach your goals, handle difficult situations, and stay motivated. They can also provide emotional support and encouragement. Some specific examples of how I can change your life include…


Helping you set and reach goals – I can help you develop a clear action plan and hold you accountable for staying on track.


Offering support and guidance – I can provide emotional support and guidance in times of difficulty, helping you stay focused and motivated.


Encouraging personal growth – I can help you identify areas of personal growth and develop strategies to help you reach your fullest potential.


Enhancing your knowledge –I can provide you with valuable insight and knowledge to help you make better decisions and become more successful.


Building confidence – I can help you build your self-confidence and ensure you make the most of your strengths.

My approach to Coaching & Mentoring

Having helped tens of thousands of customers, I am well-placed to guide you, and I understand that no two people are the same, with over 30 years of experience helping to pick people up and put them back together and my down-to-earth and friendly nature.

Sometimes there isn’t a solution to every problem, and it’s about learning to accept that I can give you the tools to keep you emotionally stable.

If you are feeling stuck and unsure which way you see your life going, you can go to my download page and look at the information on Mind Mapping, complete the form and contact me to start your journey.

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